Business Continuity is more than IT or data recovery! A robust business continuity management program is to make sure that (1) continue manufacturing and production capabilities, (2) retain critical customer base, and (3) protect your company's primary revenue stream.  Our specialty is production and manufacturing clients as we have experienced industry specialists who understand a manufacturing business' exposures and have ready but unique solutions to help continuing your company's main business.


Whether your company requires a short-term or long-term BCM program, our expert advice will help you fully preplan before a major catastrophe to safeguard your corporation's future. We can start a BCM program from scratch and even write a full business continuity plan to suit your risk management objectives.


Our certified experts can perform the following:

  • BCM and BCP project design
  • risk identification and assessment (RIA)
  • business impact analysis (BIA)
  • development of continuity strategy
  • full write-up of business continuity plan
  • development of loss scenarios
  • development of BCP training
  • perform disaster exercises from table top to full scale
  • audit existing BCP and BCM at various business levels
  • evaluation effectiveness of existing BCP's and BCM
  • coordination of business group BCP's
  • ongoing training at local and corporate level

Our certified experts have performed BCP, BCM, and COOP related activities for Fortune 1000 companies and govermental agencies throughout the world.


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