There is only so much your HR professional staff can do to prevent employment-related malpractice.  However, once something negative happens, it is always best to bring in the professionals to conduct an independent fact-finding, investigation and reporting to senior executive management. 


Our team of expert employment liability consultants consists of both HR and legal professionals.  They can be brought in to immediately investigate any of the following employment complaints:

  • discrimination - age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, disability (overt and latent), sexual orientation, lifestyle and personal choices
  • social media and privacy policies
  • hostile work environment, including unintentional or negligent cause
  • EEOC complaints
  • wage and hour violations
  • theft, bribery, fraud, and ethical violations
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations
  • human rights violations
  • layoffs and terminations


We can also review your HR manual, employee handbook, employment agreements, noncompete nondisclosure and nonsolicitation requirements. We regularly work as a team with your in-house counsel, HR, risk management, and security professionals.


Finally, we can prepare an independent third-party investigation report for senior executive management team that further protects your business reputation.

So contact BRC to to minimize this huge business risk.